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> Lighting Design for theatre productions (Dance/Opera/Musical/Drama), film and TV productions,
          presentations/events and architecture/interior design
> Individual and project-specific, adaptive design concepts, with a clear focus on
          dramaturgical aspects and availability of human/technical ressources
> Continuous and adaptive visualization (PreVis) of the design concept throughout the creative process
          (lighting and stage design, animated sequences of light and scene changes,
          visualization of non-theatrical production sites);
          hereby creation of a reconstructable  and accessible basis for an economic and creative      
          development of the project (“From first thought to first night“)          
> Production and acquisition of all necessary documents for an effective and smooth realization
          of the project (lighting plans and cue sheets, preparation and planning in correspondence with
          the technical staff of the production site, supervision/organization of tech and lighting rehearsals,
          undertaking of stage management or operating tasks if applicable)
> Planning and realization of touring productions / Redesign (adaptations) /
          Creative development of new or exceptional production sites /
          Consultation on requirements of technical/human/financial ressources
> Creation of still and moving projection media (slide and video projection, virtual stage design)